Hiding your strength

8 Feb

This week I shall be having more meetings and making lots of phone calls, as I try to meet the right people and raise finance for my films. I have to admit that the process is nerve wracking and I often feel afraid.

I nearly always have an urgent need for a nervous pee just before I go in to the meeting. Too much information?

Here’s the thing; in order to be confident it has always been tempting to be professional and corporate in attitude. Now in truth there is nothing wrong with that… except… this often causes me to hide my strength. What is our strength?

My strength is my journey and my struggle to make films. It’s not that I’ve been a success, it’s that I’ve failed a lot and always got up and tried again. My strength is not professionalism so perhaps I should not pretend that it is so. My strength is my passion, resilience and determination.

This week, my challenge is to go into those meetings and let it all hang out (not literally). To be myself and to tell the truth about who I am and the journey that I’ve been on.

For God & Country


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