Phone Call Day

10 Feb

Today is phone-call day…

Penciled into my diary is a note to call the mountain of production houses that I sent our screenplay to a couple of weeks ago.

Today is that dreadful day that I ring people up and ask them three simple questions…

1. Have you read it?
2. Do you like it?
3. Do you want to talk about it some more.

When you offer people your creativity you inadvertently also offer them your vulnerability. I hate making these phone calls. In the past I have hidden behind emails… but emails are impersonal and non-conversational. It makes them easy to send but conversely very easy to ignore.

I dislike these phone calls, I get very nervous and I feel afraid.

I have 42 of them to make. Imagine getting rejected by the same girl 42 times. It sounds terrible, like some kind of adolescent teenage self mutilation process. Actually this is more like getting rejected by 42 different girls. What could that do to man? Hmmmm!

Or conversely what if they all said yes? I’d be a film making whore, courting 42 different film produces all at the one time. Telling each one that I loved them the most.

The truth is… it’s easy to look at the odds, at the statistics especially in a time of recession. There might be one, ten, forty two or even a thousand different options. But it only takes one person to say yes.

Sure I’m terrified but I guess I’m just going to do it anyway.


P:S: I’ll let you know how it goes. Either way Ill be a different man tomorrow.


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