13 Feb

Yesterday was just a blur. Sometimes things appear too good to be to true. There is a strong possibility that if I can meet certain conditions I may have found funding for both my films. It seems too easy.

I did a lot of listening yesterday. Sitting there watching the men at the other end of the table, searching for any sign of a scam. I didn’t find any; it just seems that some people have access to a lot of money. Generous people who like my stories. I would like to tell you more… but that would be a little inappropriate right now.

How does a blogger remain interesting and confidential all at the same time. I guess I can always talk about myself. I feel nervous and excited. I have a strange off balance, what the hell is happening here feeling, physically pulsing in my right ear.

Part of me wants to jump up and down in delight and celebrate and go a little crazy. But the other part knows that there is no signature on the paper yet. There is much more work to be done. Hell, if none of this turns out the way I think it will… I’ve still got a great story to tell…

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