What makes a good week?

14 Feb

When I sit back and look the week just gone… I can’t help but think… wow what a great week. And from the outside truly amazing things happened. Difficult phone calls made, possible funding for both my films. Even being disciplined enough to write this daily blog. Surely this has got to be one of the great weeks of my life? It has to be doesn’t it? Was it?

One of the things I’ve been doing this year is at the end of each day, and at the end of each week I sit down and evaluate how I’ve gone. Give myself my own little report. I try and do it honestly. It’s not about beating yourself and it’s not a form of over indulgent self love. Not even on Valentines Day. It’s simply about moving forward.

Was it really such a good week? Good things happened around me, good things happened to me. But how did I actually do? The truth is I could have done a lot better.

I would like to think a little less about myself this coming week. Last week I got so involved with what I was doing, I forgot to be so friendly with strangers. I worried a lot last week and I lost some of my important disciplines. It’s okay, now is a good time to think about the week ahead and try and do a little better.

Success is great. But in my opinion it’s how we do the little things, how we treat the people who live right beside us on this earth beside us that really matters


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