The next corner

15 Feb

It was a particular ordinary night eight years ago. I was walking through Royal Oak in Auckland, NZ in the dark and I was filthy with God, the universe, life and of course a certain romantic situation. I looked up at my stars and I swore and cursed at my maker, whining and yelling at the stars, saying… “Look I don’t even know what’s around the next f#$### corner.”

A voice from somewhere entered my mind saying…”You never do… stupid.”

I’m reminded of that truth right now. This could be a great week or an ordinary week for me. Potentially I could sign a deal to make both my films but equally possible is the fact that nothing may happen, or everyone may say no.

What happens around the next corner? I may dream about it. I may pray about it. I might make my plans and fill up my calendar. We might think we know what is gong to happen, but the truth is we don’t have a clue… and that is the truly wonderful and scary truth about life.

It only takes one phone call to ruin the summer or warm up the winter.

As my friend Stina said yesterday embrace every moment. Learn from everything, love and enjoy the daily challenges and rewards that gifted to us in life.


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