The frustration of waiting…

18 Feb

We spend a lot of our lives waiting. Waiting for trains. Waiting for airplanes. Waiting for people to show up. Waiting for girlfriends to get ready. Waiting for husbands to come home. Waiting for an appointment. Waiting for a job offer. Waiting until you are financially secure.

To wait is seen as a negative… hence the impatient question “What are you waiting for?”

My father would fill up the car with frustration while he waited for my mother to get ready; swearing and muttering underneath his breath, the car running, and intermittently blasting the horn.

Right now I am waiting to hear back from film executives. What do they think about the screenplays I sent. Do they like them? Do they want to be involved? Like my father before me, and know doubt his father before him, I sit in the car of impatience with the engine running and the horn blasting. But unfortunately I must wait for my film mother. How will I wait? There in lies the real question.

Other questions I’ve devised whilst waiting and about waiting are…

1. Do people subconsciously choose to be late to avoid having to wait?
2. Is waiting time actually a gift, a chance to slow down, to prepare or to meet a stranger?”

Let me know what you think about waiting? Has anything good, funny or surprising ever happened to you while you wait? That way I can read it and learn not to swear, blast the horn and fill up my life with frustration today.


One Response to “The frustration of waiting…”

  1. Tyler February 22, 2009 at 2:35 pm #

    Geoff, I can relate to a few of your questions. I guess I chose the “waiting” thread to reply to as it hits a chord. Yes, I subconsciously turn up late to avoid waiting… .. sometimes. There probably a few other things behind it too. To make an adjustment to this, we actually turned up early to a friends birthday dinner a a restaurant last night! 🙂
    Keep the faith G, prayers for the success of your films. Either way it will be another stepping stone in your time spent living.

    Enjoy & God Bless

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