Method Acting in Putney

19 Feb

In the creative of science of acting finding a character is very much like sculpting… a great piece of art exists inside that rough old tree stump. A great character exists inside of you. You have to chip away everything that isn’t that great piece of art and eventually you will find your character.

In one of my films, shooting in Prague at the end of the year, I will play the character of Rich. Rich is a homeless New Zealand bum, who’s been living on the streets across Europe with a three legged dog called Scrap. Rich is incredibly friendly and outrageous; like he owns the streets upon which he walks, he appears not to have a care in this world.

This is not always true of me of course. But I wrote this character, I conceived him. I can be him. He exists somewhere deep inside of me.

Today I am going to method act and I will search for him on the streets of Putney. As I dress like him, walk like him and talk like him, you may not recognize me. Remember that in entertaining strangers you may also be entertaining an angel… Lol.

P: S: I won’t have a three legged dog. That role has not yet being cast.


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