Talking to Strangers

25 Feb

“I thought to myself why would you be inconveniencing me at this bloody time in the morning on a train with friendly conversation…this guy was obviously in some way disturbed, surely.”

The man who wrote these words, wrote these words about me, he was a stranger I met on a train. You can read the  his words by clicking on

I encourage you to read his words because they represent a simple thing I believe in very deeply… the power of talking to strangers. Lately I’ve become so busy trying to get my films off the ground that I have started to lose sight of the incredible power of the little, humble things in life.

Yesterday I was running in Guildford, totally consumed with my own thoughts, film making plans and ambitions, and another runner passing me smiled right at me, but tragically it didn’t register until they were long gone by.

I don’t want to miss the small things in life because I am so consumed with the promise of tomorrow, so today I’m going to take a break from making films… and just be simple friendly slightly “disturbed” Geoff… look out for me on the train.


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