What’s in your closet?

26 Feb

Apparently everyone has a closet…inside your closet hang all the dreadful, shameful, embarrassing mistakes you have ever made in your entire life, it’s the place the media would go digging if you ever ran for President.

Inside my closet are a multitude of sizzling, juicy little embarrassing secrets that would only become interesting should my life scale the dizzy heights of fame or infamy. I am still deeply terrified that the stupid, ignorant and definitely not funny racist joke I told when I was thirteen will one day come back to haunt me. I only wish that I had kept a copy of  the apology letter that I wrote as it maybe a critical item in my future defense.

Of course it is impossible to walk this earth without accumulating a full closet. The question is possibly not so much what’s in your closet? But how do you best deal with it and who gets to see?

… to be continued…


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