The Closet – Part Two

27 Feb

As an artist and a person I am challenged to rip the doors off my closet and let the world have a good look inside…but is this wise?

To be fully open about everything you have done in your life, the good and the bad seems counter intuitive. After all people put on their finest clothes if they are going to an important event like the Oscars… there is something in us that wants to make a good impression.

But what about a real impression?

One hundred percent honesty is the only path to complete openness and genuine artistic expression; to be the same person everywhere is the simplest and yet most difficult thing. For me one hundred percent honesty can only be achieved when I accept that everyone is fallible and there is no error in life that cannot be forgiven .

In writing this blog, I have convinced myself that it is right to be open about everything; so tomorrow I will list all of my sins in these seven sentences…stay tuned.

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One Response to “The Closet – Part Two”

  1. noemi February 27, 2009 at 12:36 pm #

    Ha ha! Can’t wait …
    How long did it take u to think back? Are u sure u remember everything? I tend to block those memories out…

    We don’t wanna miss out on anything 😉 So u better contemplate for another hour on that to make sure u got every crime listed.

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