Fallen Hero

3 Mar

A good man died yesterday, his name was Robert Bruce.

Robert Bruce was a shining light in the New Zealand film industry. Originally a big time wrestler he went on to have a career as one of New Zealand top stunt co-coordinators, before diversifying and creating one of New Zealand’s leading talent agencies.

I first met Robert when he generously donated his time to choreograph a fight scene in my first film “The Devil you Meet.” He didn’t have to help but he chose to; reluctantly accepting the bottle of wine which was all I had to offer. I remember his generosity, his irreverence and his kind and encouraging words.

He was a huge man, both in size and spirit and because of this he will be greatly missed.


One Response to “Fallen Hero”

  1. John March 4, 2009 at 5:15 pm #

    We are lucky, those that not only meet but appreciate men and women that set a humbling standard for us to follow, teach us about our own love for art and people and enrich us in too many important ways to count. I’m sorry for your loss. And ours.

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