Ego… Friend or Foe?

4 Mar

The other day I was in a meeting with a high powered CEO who decided to type merrily away on his computer as I pitched my film to him; he clearly had a very large ego.

I used to be very afraid of  “ego”;  I didn’t want to work with anyone who exhibited any kind of  interpersonal superiority; I felt intimidated and I felt inferior.

But why would you be afraid of a man’s weakness? Ego is not a strength, it’s his weakness.

There is a well known acting mantra which says… “to not be truthful in an imaginary circumstance is a misplaced self defense.”

Perhaps this mantra could cross into the “real circumstances of life” as well as the imaginary?

Inferiority and Ego are twin brothers who gorge themselves at the same table of  fear and we all dine at that restaurant from time to time.

I  stopped talking and patiently waited for that CEO to finish his typing; I waited for him to realize that there was another human being sitting at his table… it was a great meeting.


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