Better with Age – Clint Eastwood

7 Mar

It might not be every ones cup of tea but last night I went to the cinema and watched “Gran Torino” and I came away feeling very inspired.

In my opinion it is Clint Eastwood’s greatest work as both an actor and a filmmaker. During the week on this blog we discussed what makes a great character and Clint”s Wal certainly ticked all my boxes.

Question: “Has there ever been a more openly racist protagonist in cinema history? Yet why was he so watchable, so likeable, and so completely human?”

It was like watching a grand master at work, watching an artist who has fallen in love with his craft and stayed married to it  his entire life.

Someone once told me that it takes at least twenty years to become a great actor and I’d be lying if I didn’t own the frustration that this statement caused “a sometimes impatient fool” like me.

Clint Eastwood’s career reminds the artist that no matter how old or how successful we become,  there is always more to learn, more to love, more to give and more to discover.


One Response to “Better with Age – Clint Eastwood”

  1. John Hegg March 7, 2009 at 3:11 pm #

    Of all the people to bring up…
    When creating my profile at site, I was asked who the one person in the film business I’d like to meet and…you know who. However, as Karma likes to do, I actually spoke to Clint…sorry; Mr Eastwood at Cannes last year. I was loitering in the lobby of the Hotel du Cap-Eden Roc in Antibes (I could barely afford that) he walked towards me on his way out. Not wishing to drool on him I simply nodded and said, “Monsieur” to which he nodded. As he passed I shrugged and said, “That’s the only French I know.” He laughed. Not the lengthy conversation I wanted to have but the thrill of Cannes to be sure.

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