Take a deep breath…

9 Mar

Today I must face the harsh fact that I have ten days left in old, cold and wonderfully stoic Britain.

It’s easy to slow down your productivity when you are approaching a sharp corner like changing countries, or moving jobs or even going on holiday.

For a motor racer the fastest way around a circuit is not solely related to straight line speed, what really determines your lap time  is your speed through the corners.

From what I understand the best way to take a corner fast is to approach the bend as quickly as you can,  position yourself on the track to make the corner as smooth (straight) as possible, hit the brakes hard and late, and get your foot back on the gas as soon as you can.

Of course to be great motor racer you need a few tools… you need courage, desire and a great car.

As I approach this sharp bend in my life I am tempted to slow down,  take my foot off the gas and coast home; however today I must again pick up the phone and call the thirty or forty production houses still sitting on my film proposals.

So much can happen in ten days, I gotta to  keep the pedal on the metal, I have to hold my line and keep my courage,… I’ve got to take a deep breath.

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One Response to “Take a deep breath…”

  1. Barbara Mackie March 10, 2009 at 8:41 pm #

    Great analogy!

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