Unforgiveness continues…

14 Mar

It is imperative for an artist to know and understand his audience…  to really communicate is to really understand and to understand is to really “know” a person or group of people.

As such you and your beliefs on this topic  are fascinating to me in both their diversity and in their honesty; they are mischeiviously working their way into the characters in my  screenplay… Thank you… please keep commenting.

I’m going to refine the questions a little; I’m going to make them a little more specific… feel free to answer generally but try to keep it honest & personal.

Think of the person in your life who has caused you the most pain; what was/is your relationship to this person?  (Partner/workmate/politician/hero/financial/
parent/business/employer/child… )

What was their crime against you? (Big, small, a single event or over a period of time… again no right answers here just real ones)

Given you can’t go back in time and undo the crime… is there anything that would make you feel better about the whole sorry event?

Tomorrow it is my turn…




4 Responses to “Unforgiveness continues…”

  1. Colette March 15, 2009 at 7:31 am #

    Pure evil is unforgivable. Unadulterated hate and indifference to the human being, and their suffering. This to me is unforgivable!!!

  2. Olive-Ann March 15, 2009 at 12:12 am #

    and you make me think about life for yet another day…..you asked for honesty…so here goes..

    My oldest sister stands out by far as this person….it’s not one particular thing it’s just ongoing as far back as I remember…nasty words…nasty actions…playing her kids in her twisted game of life …no contact for ages…then out of the blue abusive txt or phone calls…

    After taking her son to live in our home late last year and getting only abuse from her for it…I sat down on my own to think for half an hour…I was desperate to think of even one time in life that I remember something nice she has done for me…I was her little sister….just one thing…surely there was one memory….anything…but it was a long half hour and I came up with nothing.

    Someone put her in perspective last year….they told me that just cause she is part of my history…doesn’t mean she is part of my future…she just is who she is..someone that raises her head to inflict pain….I never hear from her apart from that…

    how could it be fixed?…I’ve had enough….she could do what I asked her last week..delete my number and my email address…I know to some it will sound harsh…but it would make me happy…I already have the people that matter in my life….

  3. noemi March 14, 2009 at 2:31 pm #

    Here comes another thought:
    Sounds weird, but I find it easier to forgive when I know the person did it on purpose or lets say aware of what he/she was doing.
    As we are all human, we are all imperfect, we do have our needs … to cut it short we are egoistic.
    Knowing that, I am rather able to forgive someone under this conditions (given he/she asks me for forgivness) then someone who just doesn’t give a sh** about what he/she is doing. To me this is more irresponsible than beeing weak and doing a mistake knowing it isn’t right.

    Obviously it should be a one off 😉 you can’t just hurt me on purpose all the time believing I’d for give you, haha 😉 Even thogh I call myself a christian.

  4. noemi March 14, 2009 at 2:16 pm #

    Sorry, I’ve rather got general thoughts then specific ones…
    What does forgiving mean? Does it only mean “hey it’s ok, lets forget about it” ?
    But what if the same person hurts me again? Don’t I think about the first time too? If I did forgive him/her the mistake I shouldn’t be thinking of the first time, should I?
    So don’t we just forget about it instead of really forgiving? I wonder if we ever forgive proper…

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