Eviction from the house…

17 Mar

I woke today in a room packed full of cardboard boxes with the stark realization that in 48 hours I shall be evicted from my big brother Great Britain’s house.

In contrast to my distant Australian cousins who committed all sorts of heinous crimes centuries ago and thoroughly deserved to be deported from the banks of the Thames to the sunny Gold Coast (what a punishment), this Kiwi insists he’s done nothing wrong. My unforgivable crime is not having a British grandparent and hence no passport or permission to stay longer than two years…

It is of some frustration to me that they are forcing me onto the big ship just when things are taking off over here on the film front, but I am certain that new places will bring with them new faces and new opportunities. Of course we live in a world where travel and communication has never been so easy and this makes your physical location less important than it’s ever been in history.

I’ve pretty much moved location (houses/work etc) every two years for the past twelve years of my life and I’ve always found that new environments bring with them new challenges and a great opportunity for learning and growth.

The greatest example of this in history is of course the “white Australian” a sorry looking bunch of thieves and con artists who were booted out of Britain centuries ago and who have slowly over time (still very much a work in progress) transformed themselves into a people of considerable worth…


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