New adventures…

19 Mar

Today I hop on a plane and leave London and fly to Los Angeles… from bangers & mash to sausage in a bun, these iconic food items remind you that although you may change what you wrap around the meat the sausage is essentially still the same. This is not a metaphor for sexual relations across continents but a simple analogy that reminds me that “people” are the same where ever you go.

I’m travelling on my 33rd birthday, due to the time difference I’m about to have the longest birthday in my entire life… 32 hours; maybe a British Airways steward will bring me a cupcake and light me a candle… again not sexual just a simple birthday wish. My mother remarked that she was pleased my initial birthday that I shall affectionately and somewhat insensitively nick name “ground zero” did not last 32 hours. In truth I was a very small, sickly, myopic baby; imagine shelling a shrivelled up pea from an over-sized pod; a reflection on my size and not my mothers.

LA is a world of dreams, generations of artists have been drawn to the giant H on the hill and the seduction charms of wealth and fame; but although the city might be full of glitz and show bizz the sausage you buy on the street is still the same. I am going to LA to meet people, to find real people who I can work with on this incredible journey and I leave you with this cryptic promise… “I will not be changed but I will change…”

God bless Great Britain and all my wonderful friends


One Response to “New adventures…”

  1. Olive-Ann March 19, 2009 at 9:22 am #

    Happy Birthday…..and hope you totally enjoy your adventures….looking forward to updates on your new experiences….was looking at old school photos as I packed last night….you’ve done a lot in your life since the young boy from Papatoetoe….always be proud of what you have achieved…..and go for it, give them all you’ve got!

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