Yesterday’s news

3 Apr

Yesterday I met with an “entertainment lawyer” from a big firm down in Santa Monica… it’s a strange Americano name for a lawyer, the whole time I was expecting him to tell me a joke or get me to pull his finger. However it was so good to meet an expert and get great advice; a big part of what I’m dong here in Hollywood is trying to build a team and I feel like he was the sort of guy that would be interested in helping me build a career from the ground up.

Last night I moved from the creeky spring bunks at Banana Bangalow hostel to my new friends (Demore & Shauna’s) couch in Pasadena and I slept like a big baby in my mothers arms. Yesterday, I had a strange feeling that something really big was going to happen; and while nothing earth shattering, deal signing, life changing actually occurred… something really important did happen.

Several friends generously offered to help me in their own special way and I am eternally grateful. It is so easy to be singularly focused and to be overtaken by an independent (it’s all down to me) type mindset when you are trying to achieve anything in life.

The truth is my life does not really belong to me; it is as much a collection of other peoples investments as it is my own.


One Response to “Yesterday’s news”

  1. noemi April 3, 2009 at 11:19 am #

    …to this conclusion everyone of us should come.
    Great you found another place to stay!

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