The truth will set you free…

4 Apr

My old acting teacher used to say “the truth will set you free but first it will really piss you off!”  This is definitely a truth that I have often experienced; what about you?

For example a few years back a certain photograph was taken of myself at a beautiful New Zealand beach on a hot summers day. I was without a shirt and this photograph was not particularly flattering. The photo told the actual truth… the photo said “this man considers pies and burgers to be amongst his closest personal friends!” The truth is that photograph pissed me off; I could destroy it (or remove the facebook tag) and keep on eating pies or I could do something about it.

I think the truth it is like a photograph… a snapshot of reality captured by an independent eye; it cares nothing for our delusions of grandeur, but deals in solid, actual present day reality and in so doing sets us free.


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