Can anyone be a hero?

8 Apr

My new buddy in LA was an actor on a major television series called The Unit. After three years on the job he took a surprise telephone call from the shows Executive Producer… he was informed that his character Hector Williams was going to die in battle at the end of that years series (the actor was being made redundant), but the upside was, he would die a good death, he would die a hero.

Hollywood is of course all about the American hero and I confessed to my friend that I have often fantasized about having a grand death. In these quirky visions of grandeur I either give my life to protect a beautiful woman’s virtue (love) or I lay down my life to protect passengers on a plane (medal of honor and lots of love).

Now that I have so willingly confessed I am now hoping there are others out there will also be brave enough to share their own heroic fantasies?  What “hero” in history, film or literature most inspires you? Is it possible to be heroic in ordinary everyday life?


2 Responses to “Can anyone be a hero?”

  1. duanemoyle April 9, 2009 at 11:45 am #

    I used to dream of being first on the scene of a car crash, rushing in to smash a window or wrench the door open with superhuman strength to pull out a mother and young child and carry them to safety just as the car explodes into an enormous fireball (as always happens in the movies).
    One day I really was first on the scene and I was so shocked all I could do was call the cops and offer some feeble words of encouragement… Luckily there was no fireball.

  2. Lora Barnett April 9, 2009 at 7:36 am #

    I think that heroic acts come in all sizes. A simple act of kindness can shift perspectives, provide insight or just make another’s journey a bit easier. Paying attention and showing up for others takes courage. Seems to me that the universe will take it from there.

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