When people matter more…

11 Apr

It was in a cafe in Hollywood that I met her, she was beautiful and lovely, she is the actress I want desperately for our Prague film. I wrote the story with her mind, she is perfect for the role and she is also a one time friend.

I had the script in my bag and countless thoughts swirling around in my brain. We met for over a couple of hours and it was truly great to see her again, but I never mentioned the film… why?

When you are good at your job people always want to talk work and I didn’t want to rush straight in and sell the film to her, without taking stock of the human being, a friend sitting opposite me. Of course now I am left with the irrational fear that I will never get another chance to pitch the project to her… she is only in LA for two more weeks… maybe I won’t get another chance.

But I want to put people before projects, to put friends before films so I guess that “worry” is just the cost of that belief.


One Response to “When people matter more…”

  1. duanemoyle April 12, 2009 at 12:25 pm #

    Very noble of you Geoff. It is something we can all do easily, think about objectives and ticking off to do lists and forgetting that the most important thing is the random encounters along the way. But I do hope you get to tell her about that fantastic script! I’m sure she would be more than thrilled to know how excellent you think she would be.

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