Writing your own story

13 Apr

A friend recently told me that I should start writing my autobiography now. I’ve got to admit at first that sounded ridiculous to my ear, because to me autobiographies are written by high achievers, not largely unsuccessful filmmakers/actors like myself. The only other people I could think of who write their own biographies were bed ridden old people who meticulously type their memoirs one finger at a time as a parting gift to their rebellious teenage grand children.

It takes faith to write any kind of story, but especially your own. To write something, to write anything (even this blog), arrogantly or faithfully assumes that people out there are going to willingly want to read your words. The greatest thing about this kind of faith is that it inspires action within the writer. Writing our own story encourages you to live a full life… if you want to make your words interesting then you have to make sure your life is interesting as well.

P:S: Feel free to take a look at yesterday’s blog and take up the challenge


One Response to “Writing your own story”

  1. ggw_bach April 13, 2009 at 9:56 am #

    I’m 32 … and writing my life story. I have little snippets in my blog … outlining major and influential events in my life. not necessarily a classical autobiography, but still telling my story!!

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