Embellish, Exaggerate and Lie…

18 Apr

No one else will ever say this to your face but you may be too honest; when it comes to getting creative you need to embellish, exaggerate and lie… for this is the world of “truthful” fantasy. When we lie or exaggerate in real life we are actually telling a kind of truth… we are saying this is how we wish we were or weren’t.

For example suppose I were to exaggerate and tell you a story that made you think that I was an extremely gifted and talented sportsman who represented his country as a young man. Although I am lying, this fantasy reveals some actual, absolute truth that is locked up deep within me. From this fantasy I discover that I place great value on athletic ability, I learn that I am deeply patriotic, but most of all I see clearly that there is a strong desire in me to be more than I currently am.

So when you write, sing, act, whatever you are trying to create, look for the embellishments, exaggerations and the lies and paint them as magnificently and as ferociously as possible. It is the lifeblood of your imagination and it will transport you and your audience to another world.


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