I don’t want your twenty million dollars

26 Apr

“I don’t want your twenty million,” was essentially what the email I sent said. Did the money actually exist… who knows?

Arranging a film deal is a very new thing to me and I am the first to admit that I am totally out of my depth. But one thing I’ve learnt, is there is one tool that each of us have in our kit bags when it comes to making deep water decisions and that is our intuition.

When people are being overly secretive; when they are clearly trying to manipulate you into making a fast decision; when they are hugely overstating and exaggerating both what they have done, and who they know and what the future holds; in short when they are talking too much… beware.

Making a film is a long process and involves literally thousands of people; people who are trusting you; they are trusting that you will pay them and they are trusting that the film they are working on will be ‘terrific” and actually get made.

If your intuition says “I don’t trust you”… then maybe you shouldn’t do business together especially if there are other people involved and the price is twenty million.


2 Responses to “I don’t want your twenty million dollars”

  1. Jamie G April 27, 2009 at 8:20 am #

    Good call, Geoff. People seldom have $20m lying around to hand out to first-time feature makers. Rat duly smelt, ship exited.

  2. rachelmpearson April 26, 2009 at 3:39 pm #

    Good on you bro…now just give yourself a pat on the back! Its not often people turn down such a large sum of money I am proud of you. God will provide take care.

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