29 Apr

Yesterday on twitter people began the search for Scrap; I myself wandered through the roughed up parts of LA late at night shaking a box of dog buscuits and calling out the name of my ficticious buddy… I think that’s when it came to me. What a great social experiment.

Let’s test the theory of six degrees of separation and see if WE all can’t find the right three legged dog to star in our film. Furthermore I will post photos of the possible candiates and you my blog readers can vote and cast the best dog for the role! (We are shooting November or February so there is time for acting training for the successful doggie)

Here is what you can do my friends… cut and paste this short description into your facebook or twitter status. 3 legged dog wanted 4 feature film. Find him on facbk & twittr. Send photos 2 Info@

Go on give it a try I reckon we can find him.


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