Cinema for the people

4 May

I want to share with you one of my dreams and I am going to try and do it in only seven sentences (now six).

I really want to tell stories that connect with a very wide audience… I want them to convey human truths that cross cultural and social boundaries and simply connect with the human beings on the other side of the lens

I would love to tell a joke that carried such common humanity that it caused both the Russian chess champion and a hobo from Louisiana to both fall on the floor of the cinema and roll around with laughter. It seems like an impossible dream… but is it?

To tell these types of stories a filmmaker must know both the hobo and the chess champion… he must listen to them first and speak later. It is my belief that through social internet technologies, a new more integrated form of cinema is possible.

Right now we are casting on twitter for our film Lucky & Rich, as together we try make our own K9 Cinderella story; searching the world (via the internet) for a three legged mutt who wants to be a Hollywood star.

P:S: We are making headlines. Click on NBC News


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