An ode to the 3 legged dog.

5 May

NBC are running articles on their websites in just about every state and my inbox is crammed full of photos of the coolest, most courageous, funny looking mutts you ever did see.

Seth Godin, a marketing guru and blogger extraordinaire regularly talks about the importance of a purple cow in business; something that makes you or your product stand out from the crowd. Despite what some people may think my three legged dog was never meant to be a purple cow. So why am I looking for a three legged dog?

Our film Lucky & Rich is about two broken people, who really don’t want to keep on going; a three legged dog although broken always keep on going. A three legged dog knows that life hasn’t turned out quite the way he’d hoped, but he doesn’t spend his life looking for his missing leg. He hops from one friend to another, engaging and entertaining and always adding life. That’s why I love the three legged dog.


3 Responses to “An ode to the 3 legged dog.”

  1. Eric Milletich May 20, 2009 at 9:17 pm #

    “He hops from one friend to another, engaging and entertaining and always adding life. That’s why I love the three legged dog.” Though female, as her former dogwalker, I only know of one dog that fits that description, a New York dog named (ironically), “Lucky’ Lujan. She gets so happy her whole body sways with excitement as she wags her tail balancing on three legs, always has a perpetual dog smile, and wants to play with every person who passes her. If a female dog is acceptable, then you must meet Lucky, because you describe her when you describe Scrap.

  2. Jerry G. Dawg May 7, 2009 at 4:19 pm #

    Hey there, it’s so cool you’re making this movie. Have we got three legged dogs for you! Please visit my website, to see some awesome Tripawds living life to the fullest on three legs.

    We have mentioned your casting call in our Discussion Forums, and hope that you’ll pick one of our wonderful family members at Tripawds! Good luck.

  3. verwon May 6, 2009 at 12:05 pm #

    Such a great point about the dog and his outlook, you are so highly intelligent and think far deeper than most people!

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