Speed wobbles on takeoff

8 May

Yesterday I had the worst take off in my history of flying; it was a beautifully clear day in sunny LA and of a breathe of wind so they must have had a rookie on the stick. The plane shook and shuddered from side to side like we were stuck in some kind of atmospheric earthquake… I almost had to grab the hand of the very pretty girl next to me.

Anyway that got me thinking in metaphor, “taking off” in that plane is very similiar to making this film (Lucky & Rich). I think this applies to anything new that you might be considering doing.

Firstly for a successful take off three things seem vital… equipment, skills and momentum. Momentum is vital because without it you won’t be able to fly and you’ll end up just sitting on the tarmac.  With our film Lucky & Rich at the “moment” we are building momentum, we are gaining a lot of interest, our story is developing and growing wings… very soon we may fly.


2 Responses to “Speed wobbles on takeoff”

  1. geofftalbot May 9, 2009 at 4:55 pm #

    Hi Micheal,

    Thanks for your comment. The “we” I was specifically referring to in this blog are all the amazing people who sending me photos of their 3 legged dogs and sending messages on twitter all around the world. I am very grateful for their help and I feel like they are very much part of the film making process.


  2. michael May 9, 2009 at 2:17 pm #

    who is the ‘we’? tell us more about your production team

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