I trade in Business Cards

22 May

Everything is slowly winding up at the film market here in Cannes. People are packing up their booths, cleaning out their hotel suites and getting ready to go home. Personally I prefer this part of the festival because most people have given up on trying to do business (including me) and a spirit of tranquility and openness has descended upon the place.  Is it a condradiction to suggest that this in fact maybe the best time to do business?

Interestingly it seems that one of the major currencies at film-markets is business cards. You must trade as many as possible and there are two prizes… one for the person with the most cards and the second for the person with the most prestigious card. Perhaps my cynicism is directly related to the fact that I have just lost all my cards… I guess if I really made an impression they will call me?


One Response to “I trade in Business Cards”

  1. Olive-Ann May 23, 2009 at 3:12 pm #

    When people go to trade fairs, someone gives them a plastic bag, someone gives them a pen, someone gives them a balloon, and then the next 100 exhibitors give them a pamplet….they go back to the office and the plastic bag sits in a drawer for 4 years till they change jobs and clean out their drawers….the day after the trade fair they make some calls to get hold of someone who made a true impression….. you won’t be just another business card …they will find you! 🙂

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