More from the plane

24 May

I really appreciate all the support and the messages I received regarding yesterdays blog… I also received a couple of questions so let me clarify my position and please keep answering the poll.

Okay due to the evils of immigration visas at the moment I cannot work in either Britain or America… New Zealand is the only place that I can work legally. So currently I am moving from place to place on a tourist visa trying to get my films off the ground.

I just checked my bank account I have 667 pounds remaining in my entire life and I am still to buy my plane ticket from Los Angeles to Auckland which I guesstimate to be around 450 pounds. Think of this blog as a live autobiography where the struggling artist tells of a time in his life where things were very tough. I am not wanting money I am just sharing with you my current reality so you can vicariously partake in my adventure.

So now I have given you more information my question is… should I spend the last that I have on meetings in Europe and America (Jumping out of the plane) or should I pack up my bags, hop on the plane and go home?


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