Making tracks through the forest

26 May

Over recent months there has been a major change in my thinking…

Metaphorically speaking I use to always try and walk through the forest on the well trodden path. We do this everyday, you hear it all the time. Sometimes it comes in the form of a question like “has it been done before?” Or as recently happened to me in Cannes “Do you have any experience in this?”

To live this way is to not explore… it is a safe but not necessarily a good or adventurous life. Moreover it stiffles the imagination and quells your intuition and creativity.

One of the joys of being human is to creatively explore and investigate even the simplest chores in life and find a new and personally unique way of doing them.


One Response to “Making tracks through the forest”

  1. Verleen Wonderly May 26, 2009 at 12:20 pm #

    Yep, you got it, Geoff, there are times you have to strike out and cut your own path, a very sharp weed whacker of attitude comes in handy!

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