Travelling light

27 May

Today once again I find myself strapping on my pack and heading for the airport and going back to LA. I have meetings in LA with a Czech Executive Producer in regards to Lucky & Rich and I will also be meeting again with Christine from en2go; a company which is producing a very innovative online video platform. After those meetings what happens next is anyones guess…

Recently you, my blog readers voted that I should continue this journey no matter the cost and so that is what I will do. I do so knowing that I have the love and support of many people around the world. I do so believing that as a man of faith my life is held safe in the hands of a very good God. I do so because to give up now seems like an impossible option… what would I write about in this blog?

In my country the Maori people have a saying which is Kia Kaha… it means to “be bold” or “be brave” and so that is what I shall be.

P:S: Click on The Adventures of Scrap… and help me tell his story.


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