To give and to receive

29 May

I’m sitting in another mans table,  in another mans house writing this blog and I guess it’s fair to say I am blown away by other people generosity right now. There is an old saying that goes ” it’s harder to give than to receive” but I think I’m inclined to disagree.

Someone said to me this morning that pride can ruin a person and I guess that’s true. I am often inclined to try to be a self made man but I’m not sure that this has ever been done. If the recent weeks have taught me anything it’s the fact that I am so dependent on others, that there is much I can’t do for myself. That it is in fact arrogant and proud not to accept anothers help. It sure seems easier to give than to receive.


One Response to “To give and to receive”

  1. Laura May 29, 2009 at 5:34 pm #

    I totally agree, one of the hardest things to accept when in ministry, especially early on. Doesn’t get a lot easier either, but as one lady told us – “don’t cheat me out of a blessing”.

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