Entertainment to go… the way of the future…

5 Jun

Imagine a system that could deliver LIVE high quality, high definition video straight to your i-phone, television or desktop?

Supposing you got stuck in traffic… while you were waiting you could download a movie and watch it in real time at a quality that was similar to sitting in the cinema.

In LA I have been meeting with an incredibly innovative Video Platform provider called en2go who have developed a revolutionary product that has the potential to change entertainment forever. En2go and myself have agreed to partner together and develop a much more interactive story telling/film-making/cinematic experience. The company contains some of the brightest, most innovative technology minds in the business, from Captain Crunch (the most famous hacker in history) to ex-pizza delivery boys who have barely started shaving.

As a film-maker my dream has always been to make films that have a wide reach, that touch a large and diverse range of people. Imagine a joke that caused both the homeless guy on the street and the business guy in the suit to fall onto the same pavement with laughter… with en2go and this new partnership, my dream has never been more possible.


One Response to “Entertainment to go… the way of the future…”

  1. verwon June 5, 2009 at 8:47 pm #

    This sounds fascinating and could be a great idea.

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