I can’t escape from LA

10 Jun

You voted and so I’ve skipped my flight and I am staying in LA. Of course I now don’t have a ticket out of the joint which makes it exciting and anxious all at the one time. A big thank you to my very kind friend Richard Clark who also voted with his money… Rich I am forever in his debt, so I will use your name in the title of my next film. So the couch surfing continues, to-date I’ve slept in over 15 different locations since the middle of March, mostly with people who I’ve ever met before… I mean at their place for the record.

I envisage that I will be in LA for at least three more weeks and I have set a few key objectives for this time. I am looking at inviting a Pet Food company to join our worldwide search for Scrap… maybe even sponsoring a “3-legged dog “American Idol” type internet show. Let me know if you know anyone in the pet business, it would be great to produce a show which helps us find the right Scrap and also pays homage to all the incredible 3 legged dogs.


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