My beautiful day…

11 Jun

Not to get to introspective but some very interesting things have happened inside of me since I left England and embarked upon this journey in the middle of March.

Previously I was a very disciplined person with stringent eating, sleeping, exercise and learning routines. When you travel from place to place constantly carrying uncertainty it becomes very difficult to maintain any routine… so even though I fought hard within about eight weeks I lost all of my disciplines. In a sense I allowed my anxiety for the future to steal my discipline and productivity in each day… however…

Slowly the anxiety is going and I am learning to live with new routines one day at a time. I may not know where I am going to sleep tomorrow night but I’m learning not to worry about that today and I’m learning to have faith… to believe that tomorrow I will be provided for.

The great joy of living this way is that time actually seems to slow down, life becomes lighter and more joyful and strangely even more productive.


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