Argue with Dan

25 Jun

I have a friend called Dan; actually I have at least five friends called Dan; how friends called Dan do you have?

Questions aside; one of the Dan’s I know has incredible general knowledge and social insight; at least he thinks he does and I can never be sure whether Dan is speaking the truth or making up a lot of….

Dan seems to have an incredible grasp of statistics, he will come out with these types of statements ” 90% of women do not like a man with facial hair.” Which seems to contradict the fact that I got kissed (a hell of a lot) in Paris last year, but it may well explain why the relationship went no further.

Anyway Argue with Dan is a new blog that I have started. It is simply a weekly social poll that attempts to find out more about our commonly held beliefs. I need to discover for once and for all if Dan really knows what he’s talking about.

Click here to ARGUE WITH DAN


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