Could you please leave the building…

29 Jun

I just had a most interesting experience this morning… It is of course not dignified for me to name names or slander people in any forum where they do not have the right of reply. But for the first time in my life this morning I heard these six words “could you please leave the building.”

A person will do almost anything for money… lie, cheat, steal, bully, deceive, you name it, take a quick glance at history and its there for everyone to see. When the ship is sinking a fearful captain will throw the crew overboard just to lighten the load.

So of course I left the building and I happily walked the plank because I know that I’m a strong swimmer and there are plenty of other ships out there in the ocean that need an able bodied sailor.

If only the captain realized that he needs to have all hands on deck if there is to be any chance of saving his floundering ship.


One Response to “Could you please leave the building…”


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