30 Jun

Two dollars and nine cents is the exact amount I have left in my wallet after an ATM machine screwed with my Lloyds TSB card. This is not a call for my friends out there to send me money… that would be the worst thing you could do as I probably blow it all on diet cola. In truth I feel so incredibly Rich at the moment, I have food in a fridge, a floor to sleep on and running water (cold). There was a time in my life when I took all of this for granted… now I genuinely appreciate all of it.

I also feel Rich because I am constantly learning, I am learning deep things about myself and about other people, people who I wouldn’t normally associate with. I feel blessed because I know that this adventure is giving me wonderful creative insights that will be INVALUABLE in my future artistic work.

I know in my heart that right now I am in the right place and this whole experience is worth a billion times more that two dollars and nine cents.

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2 Responses to “$2.09”

  1. geofftalbot July 1, 2009 at 12:59 am #

    Anne you are again very perceptive. Perhaps she is not really Lucky & he is not really Rich

  2. Anne June 30, 2009 at 11:42 pm #

    You have a wonderful capacity for detachment from inflating the drama of what sounds like a pretty ‘tough’ situation…not a speck of self-pity. Its a great gift Geoff, I hope you realise that. Esp. in a world where discontent and wanting is the ‘norm’ even amongst the wealthy. Is the Lloyds card able to be replaced or retrieved, by the way? Diet cokes are not one of the official food groups, well not a staple anyways ; ) Take care, I am sure you are being ‘looked after’ even if others don’t see it straight away. Funny I always thought of Rich in Lucky and Rich, as being short for ‘Richard’, but just realised that it might mean ‘rich’, as in wealthy, a pun perhaps? Or rich, but not necessarily in material ways, as your 7 sentences suggests….

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