Changing your world…

3 Jul

I think you can change a hell of a lot with your attitude. Some people call it energy. We all know of people who have the “special ability” to completely transform an environment the moment they walk into a room.

Actor Cary Grant had a reputation for being one of the most charming men of his generation, when asked his secret he simply replied “I find other people charming.”

I am wondering if it is possible to change your life, your relationships and your environment by simply changing your attitude? Maybe it is easier said than done because there sure is a lot wrong with this world.

What do you think?


2 Responses to “Changing your world…”

  1. Anne July 3, 2009 at 11:21 pm #

    I think that even tho it is perhaps a cliche now, a good attitude IS vital, to seeing the ‘good’ in others, ourselves too, and ‘life’ in general.. whether its ‘our’ life or the more dramatic aspects of world ‘life’ that we are informed about non-stop via media, communications, etc.
    Positive Attitude for me probably translates into empathy, kindness, honesty, humility, compassion, and always giving others the ‘benefit of the doubt’. And then not ‘demonising’ or harbouring resentment of them even if they ‘fail’ us personally, or our expectations of them.

    Of course, as you imply, have a good attitude sounds easy – so do a lot of ‘golden’ truths like ‘love your neighbour’, ‘don’t steal’ etc… but in our own lives can be challenging to embrace and embody, esp. when put to the test!

    Some of us too, I think are more karmically? genetically? whatever. blessed towards being naturally positive, uplifting, ‘glass half full’ resilient optimists, whilst others [like me I’m afraid!] have to work and struggle at times to not be critical & depressed, etc. I know that I like myself more, and even look more ‘alive’ as well as feel more connected to life, when I have a better attitude! So whether it be ‘easy’, hard, or somewhere in the middle, or varying at different times, I am certain that a good attitude will make ones own life more joyful and purposeful, for self and everyone who comes in contact with you as well, actually!

    Yes the world, even if not our ‘own’ world at any given time, is full of heartache, tragedy, suffering, pain, decisions, poverty, etc etc. I don’t personally think that having a good attitude means that you pretend that isn’t there, or that it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t affect ‘you’. That is a narrow definition of being ‘happy’, to me. Rather, true happiness, peace and inner strength and a resilient attitude can enable a person to embrace the contradictions of life with compassion, and neither be hardened by over- exposure or destroyed into a sobbing puddle of disfunctionality either.. Sometimes one has to make some healthy boundaries, so as to protect one’s own health, dignity and sanity ; )

    However, a genuine positive attitude actually will make a person strong and resilient but not ‘hardhearted’ – able to choose their battles wisely, acknowledge successes whilst still wanting to do better, being forgiving of self and others, and understanding, too, that what you don’t ‘approve’ of in people or actions is the Behaviour, and not the Essence, the spark of life and love, that is the truth of each beings existence. That way one can keep a good attitude whilst being neither cynical or naive.

    And perhaps, too, if one is of a spiritual ‘bent’, to aim to remember and realise that you do your best according to your ability at any given time, but the ‘results’ are not ultimately in your hands..

    Well that is a little philosophical thinking blurb from me! If it is too long, whatever, feel free to delete from your blog Geoff.
    Take care.

    • geofftalbot July 4, 2009 at 11:26 am #

      Why would I delete it? I love it! G

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