7 Jul

So it’s 3am and I am sitting in a chair in a studio in Burbank having just spent the evening talking with Tolga Katas; the visionary creator of Flyxo, a global high definition video delivery system.

It’s fascinating to talk with someone who is at the cutting edge of everything that is new in technology. It may surprise you but being on the cutting edge is very much like fighting in the front-line. It isn’t safe or comfortable, in fact it’s dangerous because you are risking everything for something you believe in.

Visionary people need courageous supporters and colleagues; people who believe in the strength of their vision and are prepared to fight with them in the front line. Nothing great ever happens without a vision; and great things always carry with them severe obstacles; many will stand and fight for a while only to become disillusioned. In the end only the Visionaries remain to fight their way through into new territories… that is why it is they who get to raise the flag.


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