Authentic storytelling

8 Jul

People often ask me what I like the most; do I prefer to write, to direct or to act? To me it is an impossible question… a similar question would be to ask me whether or not I prefer white chocolate or dark chocolate? I just love chocolate; these are my creative children and I love them all equally the same.

The core essence of each of these crafts is authentic storytelling. One way to be authentic when you are telling stories is to not think too much, to try not to manipulate the situation by telling the sort of story that “you think” other people want to hear. Popular culture is clothed in this sort of bullshit and it loses it’s soul when it dresses all its artists in the same uniform.

I believe there is a uniquely human voice inside each artist that is trying desperately to speak, it takes courage to throw away the road map and start listening to your own internal GPS.


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