Tommorow you can start again

13 Jul

There is no such thing as defeat; I know this because even though the sun sets it refuses to stay put and it rises up again the next morning. I know this because when I am tired, frustrated and feeling like giving up, I go to sleep and the next morning I wake up feeling invigorated. Even the concept of regret is built around a great innate desire to wind back the clock and start again.

I remember watching James Buster Douglas get up off the canvas and defeat Mike Tyson in one of the great moments in modern boxing history… he was down but he got back up, he was never defeated.

It is easy to avoid risk because we fear defeat, but how do you define defeat? If Douglas hadn’t put on his gloves and decided to fight he would never have been knocked down. But if he hadn’t been knocked down he would never have experienced the incredible reward of getting up off the canvas, fighting against huge odds and tasting victory.


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