For the love of dog

14 Jul

Some of you reading this will be aware that I have spent several years in the Veterinary Profession. As a small boy I loved dogs and I often got in trouble for bringing strange bitches home. Whenever I went missing if you looked for the nearest dog you would pretty much find me.

So even though I have a strong creative bent, this deep love for our four legged canine friends took me into the Veterinary Profession. It may be difficult for some of you to understand but the constant saturation of dogs and problematic owners over the years began to steal my love for our fine friends. I was over taken by a tired, somewhat “realistic” cynicism… but here’s the good news.

In casting our movie, in searching the globe for a 3 legged dog to be my co-star, this love has come flooding back.


One Response to “For the love of dog”

  1. Anne July 21, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    I can understand Geoff I think; I am not a clever vet but I volunteer in a high volume shelter clinic and am reasonably observant. And I am a human being ; ) I have seen what looks like a sort of treatment fatigue, attitudinally, amongst some…If i was there every day and didn’t always agree with the system, I would feel it more too, I as sure.
    The ‘constant saturation’ factor and never ending line of animals can lead to simplistic evaluations based on lack of time, energy, patience perhaps? Eg whybother trying to save them all and not only the ‘nice’ bunnies? etc. The ‘nice’ kitties? etc. Limited time and energy and compassion is more forthcoming with the ‘easy’ animals, the kissy dogs, who don’t fight humans. I can of course understand all this; seeing the worst can lead to defensive cynicism and compassion fatigue. Probably with some people, even ‘euthing’ animals on a regular basis that are unclaimed or unadopted within timeframe laws permit, is just now a part of their job, a wearisome, even annoying part? The system is unable to be challenged, even if one had the energy. And plus, there is job security to consider, too, I suppose.

    I dunno, but I can well understand that even with the best will in world, one can become dry, lack empathy, and become burnt out somewhat. Maybe too its a defense against the ‘system’, & humans in society, that doesn’t overall tend to value animals that highly, when alls said and done. It probably happens in all caring, high-minded professions to many.

    I am so glad that you have tapped that love again…but I feel that it never went away in your case, just hidden for a bit under human trials and life stuff, demands of a challenging profession. And I do feel, that you would be a very good vet, very kind, even if you didn’t feel like it all the time.

    Don’t give up your vet career totally Geoff… I think you would still have much to offer.

    Take care now.

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