My Crazy Life – The Day I met Paris Hilton

29 Jul

I can’t say I ever watched it but today’s blog is the antithesis of Paris Hilton’s “The Simple Life.” That is possibly the best “worst” first line of any blog I have ever written, and it wasn’t even honest and now I have no idea where this writing is going…

Okay I must shamefully admit that a couple of years ago I couldn’t help but watch Paris’s reality show; mostly I watched it because I couldn’t believe that someone that pretty and that wealthy could be that stupid. Actually mostly I watched it because she was pretty which was kind of stupid of me.

Actually since I’ve been in LA I have been dying to meet Paris but she refuses to answer any of my calls and she seems somewhat scared of my video camera. However yesterday everything changed…

” Dear Mum… Hollywood is going great, I met a lovely girl yesterday who was the star in a big internet movie, her name is Paris, she says I am the nicest man she has ever met and I think she has met a few…”


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