The Las Vegas Country Club

2 Aug

After another series of miracles I found myself driving across the desert yesterday to spend a couple of nights in a mansion in the Las Vegas Country Club. This place has to be seen to be believed… massive 30 foot studs with giant crystal chandeliers.

Today I took a walk down the strip and investigated the hotels and casinos (surely the only way to get win $$$’s in Vegas is to get lucky and leave); after I turned down thousands of “free offers” I decided to walk back to the mansion in 107 degree heat.

I took a couple of wrong turns and my 45 minute walk home turned into a couple of hours. I was well and truly dehydrated and suffering from heat stroke when I arrived back at the entrance to the Las Vegas Country Club.

Because of my long hair and bushy beard it was impossible to convince the Security Guard to let me through; he even turned down my desperate plea for water and so I sat and waited for half an hour in the blazing sun for my phone to ring. It is safe to sat that appearance is everything especially in Las Vegas.


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