Ten days left or Visa Extension?

16 Aug

Just to keep you up to date with Geoff’s travelling/film-making adventure… I have ten days left on my tourist visa in the USA and just when I was thinking that I would have to fly back to kiwi-land the opportunity to get sponsored and stay has fallen into my lap. The only race is against the clock.

I am currently in Vegas fully bearded up and slumming it in a mansion in the Las Vegas Country Club and I have just over a week to file the paperwork and get a stay of Americano. Whether I can make it or not is still to be seen; I will have to see what the immigration consultant says tomorrow. It is important for me to stay as several things are entering the negotiation phase in regards to our movie “Lucky & Rich.”

In times like this I remind myself that either possibility is fantastic and either option will provide me with great opportunities…


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