Don – Part 1

18 Aug

I met a man called Don in LA four week ago; at first glance there is nothing at all remarkable about Don, he is in his early seventies, he dresses very humbly and if he walked passed you right now you probably wouldn’t notice him.

You wouldn’t know that Don has a PHD and you wouldn’t know that he has helped literally tens of thousands of people who are struggling to come to terms with life on the street. I don’t think Don has that much money, the car that he drives can’t be worth more than a grand. But I will say that there is a light and a magic in Don’s eyes that I can’t describe; he’s the only man over seventy who has ever poked his tongue out at me and laughed.

I have already benefited so much from his kindness; when I first met him I have to admit that I was in a bind. I had been chasing my film-making dream so hard that for a couple of days I had nothing to eat except old pizza in the work fridge and some stale cola. Don bought me coffee and at the end of our talk, he pressed $80 into my hand… little did he know that his gift was going to start a chain of events that would change HIS life forever…

P:S: To be continued


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