Don – Part 2

19 Aug

You would be wrong to think of me as always generous, they’re have been times in my life when I have given things away and they’ve times in my life when I have held on tightly to what is rightfully mine.

When you earn your money you have the right to do whatever you want with it; but what happens when a stranger like Don reaches out his hand and gives you $80? What happens when you walk around the corner and you meet a young guy called Christian who asks you for a few bucks for lunch? Having benefited undeservedly from Don’s generosity what sort of guy would I be if I withheld it from another?

So I give Christian some money for lunch and the next thing I know, somebody else in my life needs some cash and I can’t help but give it away…. Don’s generosity has started a whole chain of giving and little does he know the circle is working it’s way back around to him…

Part 3 – Continued tomorrow


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