Don – Part 3

20 Aug

I wonder if we really “earn” our money? Much of our success seems to eventuate from our natural talents that we did not choose and a random chain of events and circumstances that occurred outside of our control; still we always have the choice to use our money or time however we choose.

Which makes the actions of Don William, Peter Frankovich, Michal Mitha and Samaya Lin all the more extraordinary. I mean for some reason in the last six weeks they actually choose to contact me and offer me financial support as I follow my extraordinarily strange film-making dream. Their timing was impeccable; in each case their offer arrived as I was down to my last few cents.

In each case their generosity allowed me to “pay it forward” and financially support an incredible family of people who work at a technology company in Burbank, California. These people have developed revolutionary on-line video technology and had been placed under extreme financial pressure through no fault of their own…

To be continued…


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